Sicher ist, dass nichts sicher ist. Selbst das ist nicht ! (Ringelnatz)


Dipl. Inf. Thilo Müller

Security Engineer

  • IT Security +15 years
  • Address GERMANY, 64342 Seeheim-Jugenheim
  • E-mail

I love tech and I love creating and leading an energized teams. I like to be responsible for services and for teams trying to improve one little step everyday.



09/2022 - today

Security Engineer, Automation Specialist

Fujitsu Services

01/2021 - 09/2022

Security Consultant

Entserv / DXC

01/2014 – 12/2020

Teamlead and Security Engineer

Entserv / DXC

04/2011 – 01/2014

Security Engineer

Entserv / DXC

03/2006 – 03/2011

Security Administrator


10/2005 - 02/2006

Diploma Thesis BMW in IT Security, SAML, XACML, Identity Management, Federation

BMW Forschung und Technik

10/1999– 09/2005

Dipl.Informatiker (Master in Computer Science), specialised in applied Computer Science focus on IT Security

TU Darmstadt

07/1998 – 09/1999

Civil Service Hospital IT department

Krankenhaus Offenbach


  • As our seniour colleague, his profesionalism, support and proactivity in our daily work is explicit fact, he is always ready to help and to find solution to any problem, but this is not all. Beyond this he is a true coach, who always has new ideas for improving the processes, finding new solutions and expanding not only his, but also others/our knowledge, by initiating different discussions, learning and brainstorming sessions, sharing his knowledge and ideas and motivating us to share and to develop our own ideas too. His approach to make us (his team members), challenge ourselves and to think out of the box, not only brings great benefits to the company, but also makes the days funnier and more meaningful for the team members. Thilo is an example for collegiality, tolerance, understanding and the most important thing - how to be helpful for the organization, for ourselves and how to build a stable relation between the different teams.

  • With his knowledge and skills in IT security he is my support in many and different complicated cases. I can count on his support even in times with high load because I know he will never refuse his help. A leader – this is the best word that describes him. He is always taking appropriate decisions even when he is under high pressure and keeping a close eye on the matters where he and the team must be responsive. He is embodiment of the professionalism and all of the best practices at work.

  • Thilo is the most outstanding professional I had the honor to work with. He is naturally touched by the technologies and is always curious to explore the wide world they can offer. As a more experienced colleague he was a great mentor who taught me a lot. He was always thinking proactively what I can learn, what would be good for my development which helped me to built a confidence in my work and to be better professionalist.

Memberships and Support

Social engagement

  • Barcamps, Talks about personal development, IT Security, Open Source, Home Automation with 3d printing
  • Coderdojos  Help students and children to find a motivation for IT and MINT
  • Makerspaces, 3d Printing

Mental Health


  • DKMS – Fight Cancer


My Interests

My passion is Open Source – using it for 3d printing, home automation or Linux and Rasberry Pis. I love when things run automatically and reliant. I enjoy breaking things and trying new pathes.

  • 3d Printing with Open Source Printers Prusa
  • Rasberry Pi

Professional Skills

IT Security 100 %
Personal Development, Coaching 100 %
Robust System Design 100 %
Crises Management 70 %
Linux 80 %
Plan, Build, Run 100 %
PKI 100 %
Authentication Methods Token, Password, Mobile 100
System Documentation, Standardisation 100
ansible 70 %

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