Formnext 2022

Raw Foto Album is here :

Im a passionate prusa fanboy since 2017 and was always interested in one of the Caribou machines. With a selling price of about 1500€ this was out of my pocket as hobby enthusiast, but I was watchting their facebook site still in fascination.

On 13.11.2022 I saw a facebook post there with a used machine, so I took my chance and got it with 2 hours per car (I even had to borrow a car because my car was in maintenance) on sunday 14.11.2022 to get it.

Its a beautiful machine but I bricked the display pressing the erase button because this was documented somehere in the internet. In parallel, I was invited by Caribou for the formnext – the biggest faire here in the region. Maybe in europe, Im not sure 🙂

So I decided to get the bricked display to Caribou using their invitation. I asked Caribou to get a replacement just in case but the reply was „Im not going to sell you one, you just have to flash it again“.

Display in a box:

I was first greeted by Prusas Robo-Dog :

First station was, for sure, Prusa. I had a longer talk about MMU (Multi Material Printing) and the idea to have workshops onsite to get it working. I still have the classic MK3s, so I should look into the new sensor soon.

I loved the Prusa Box and it was very tempting to just buy one, especially because there was a dedicated discount for the visitors available 🙂

One of my favorite models were the Stratsys demos including a hand and a woman. You have to see it yourself to understand, its actually printed out of the box and looks like glass !

My favorite furniture to be seen was this :

Filament in all colours (its like shoes, you cant have enough), my favorite 3dk :

And a nont-toxic korean vendor about Resin I never heard about, carima:

I had a longer talk with Oechsner about the idea to enhance inliner bike protection with 3d printed grids. This could be a university or DIY project for me one day.

They allowed me to sit on their special chair:

And I had a very emotional talk about resin and potential harmful effects around this beautiful model, I dont recall the company because they insited their product is perfectly safe and told me I shut just trust them but I sticked to my point I want a safety sheet to understand whats inside of their secret soup:

A hydrophonic system in use :

And last but not least, I stepped over duet3d to ask for help with my display. There was a label stating PanelDue, on it. I oversaw it said „Duet3d compatible“.
They stepped instantly on it and even when Josef Prusa himself joined the booth Ian priorised my issue. (So I didnt have time to make a selfie with Josef myself, sorry for that. Will catch up in Prague soon 🙂 ) He seems very happy to show me he was able to bring it back even when it was a cheaper chinese version of it (there is no f*cking logo of us on it, I have no clue why you came… I love this UK style of humor ). I was actually very thankful for the support and will buy a real one next from them 🙂

„Let me show you the documentation for this I wrote on the internet“ 🙂

It was a great day and im still overflown with impressions. Thanks to Caribou for making this happen and thanks for my manager to allow me to take some time off !